My two biggest musical hero's are also why I love and play the telecaster.

 They are why I play numerous musical instruments (electric, acoustic, slide and lap steel guitar, bass, dobro, mandolin, harmonica, keys, and sing).

They are why I started writing my own music. Because they had to do and play whatever it took to get their music out to the world, I always just thought that was how it was done. They are why I wanted to be a bandleader. They continue to be a massive influence on me artistically to this very day.
Those two artists are Bruce Springsteen and the late Prince.

In my world, two of the greatest performers to ever grace a stage or recording.
Two men that come from drastically different worlds musically and socially, but couldn't be more alike. 

Both embraced and devoted themselves to their music as a whole for their artistic expressions.
Both have lived to a high personal moral code, regardless if it's popular or understood by the masses. 

Both have gone to great lengths to make the world a better place well beyond just musically.
But thank god we have the music, which will live on well after both men are gone. But let us also not forget the artists commitment and devotion to the craft itself.

Prince regularly spent 16+ hour days in the studio. He worked tirelessly on music the world will probably never hear. He constantly worked and strived to be a better musician, songwriter and artist. But when he did decide to share his art with us, oh my was it great! He was always working at a higher caliber then almost any of his peers. Never dialing it in, all the way till the very end.

We can't bring him back and we will never have another like him. But for those who have the talent, drive and desire to be great musicians, please make a commitment to your art. Live up to that role model and be the best you can be at whatever you do. Because any less than greatness and you are cheating yourself and the world. That's how Prince did it. 

Thats how Bruce does it. And that's how it should always be done.  4/24/2016



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