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Rus Spillis is a Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter based in Birmingham, AL


Rus came up in the storied guitar scene of Jacksonville, Florida. 

After receiving his first guitar for his 14th birthday, Rus became engrossed in learning and advancing on the instrument. 

Influenced by players like Satriani, Vai, Clapton, Hendrix, SRV, Johnny Winter, BB King, etc.

Rus began practicing 12+ hours a day, and by 15 he was performing professionally with bands around the south East 



By 18 Rus had earned a reputation for his musicianship and lead guitar skills, opening the door to touring, session and recording work with various original and cover bands. 

Around this time, Rus turned his focus toward songwriting, studying writers like Dylan, Springsteen, The Beatles, etc. He soon began developing his own, dynamically unique writing style. 

In the late 90's Rus relocated to Birmingham, AL, where he currently performs with his band, as well as doing sideman and session work. 




Rus has performed, played and/or recorded with members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, 38 special, 

Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Stevie Wonder band, Eric Gales, Billy Cox, Buddy Miles, Allen Tousaint, Collective soul, Taylor Hicks, Last Child, Cross-Eyed Mary, Brownstone, Jesse Payne, Motel Ice Machine, Warner Bros Records, MJJ productions, PM Records, EMR, WD Productions, One Tree, FOX, The Warehouse, Southern Trax, The Blue Room, and numerous others. 








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